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Columns and Rafters are the main components of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB). They are made of Built-Up Sections from steel plates which are Designed and Engineered at  Factory. The steel used in manufacturing these Columns and Rafters conforms to ASTM-A-572 GRADE 50 with a minimum yield strength of 345 MPa.

Other Primary Members of Steel Building include Intermediate Frames, End Wall Frames, Wind BracingsCrane BeamsMezzanine Beams and Joists.

7 systems column image
7systems rafter image


The Project starts with Anchor Bolt Reaction / Load Reactions details prepared by 7SYSTEMS PEB. Based on this reaction data, Civil Structural Consultant designs the RCC foundation to withstand required Loads of Steel Building.
Steel Building Supplier design, manufacture and supply Anchor Bolts and Templates. Templates are required to cast Anchor Bolts accurately on civil foundations. Templates help in accurate positioning of bolts into civil column foundations/column heads made of concrete. Anchor bolts are fixed through the template holes with nuts and washers.

7systems anchor bolt image
7systems template image


Cold formed ‘Z’ and ‘C’ shaped members may be used as secondary structural elements to fasten and support the external cladding.

Cold-Formed Roof Purlins, Wall Girts, Eave Struts – All the members having section sizes varying from 150mm to 300mm depth are made from 120 GSM to 275 GSM GI coils confirming to ASTM-A-653 GRADE 50 or equivalent to yield strength of 345 MPA. ‘C’ and ‘Z’ Section Purlins, Girts, Struts are available in thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 3.0mm.

7 systems purlins images
7systems girts



7systems eave struts



Roof & Wall Panels could be Bare (Without Color Coating) or Color Coated.  Basic Material could be PPGL (Pre Painted Galvalume) or PPGI (Pre Painted Galvanized Iron) but apart from Color Coating, there are several aspects to be looked carefully.

7systems roofing images

SIDE /ROOF CLADDING: It is made up of color coated profiled sheets as per BMT standards.

  • Yield Strength – 550MPA

  • Coating 150 GSM

  • Type of coating – PPGL

SKY LIGHT: These are profiled to match roof cladding and for exact packing.

  • Material-Polycarbonate/FRP

  • Thickness-2mm


TURBO VENTILATOR: These are provided for proper ventilation of shed.

BMT uses turbo with Polycarbonate or FRP base for alignment and leakproof arrangement.

RIDGE VENTILATOR: These are provided for proper ventilation along the length on Ridge.

LOUVER: These are provided to admit and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunshine.

CANOPY: It is an overhead roof structure to safeguard from direct rain.

7systems sheeting images
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